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E Every year past West Coast Fixture, Inc., customers return to us to use our In-House Designers expertise on their future project(s). They never fail to challenge our team's imaginations...wanting more stylish displays and fixtures to add to their business! Their success is our success! They often ask us [outright] to solve display and fixture "space issues!" Without hesitation, they ask us to anticipate product storage within the same unit! Our customers know we design product displays and fixtures that function for them and their shoppers! Our displays' stand-out in a crowd and have shoppers stopping in their tracks to retrieve an item! Because we know how limited space and storage are in a grocery store and retail shop, we always design and build our displays for tight spaces! And we always get them to fit perfectly!

Wood is our millwork designer's canvas and this is their gallery!

O Our Millwork gallery represents hundreds of clients in the Grocery, Retail, and Restaurant business. We couldn't possibly put every display and fixture that we've manufactured on our website! If you need assistance with concepts for your business, that are unique and built only for your company call us! We will not sell you on an idea or build you something that won't work for your displays or fixtures needs. Our millwork designers want to make certain they are designing pieces that best showoff your products and your brand. They are our artist! They want pieces that they've created for our clients [tables, booths, bar countertops, barstools, wine rack frames, store signs, cabinets and casework, light fixtures to server stations] showcased here!

Word of mouth travels fast in our line of business! When awesome service and excellent quality are matched and repeatedly received, customers will return! It's exactly what happens in the restaurant business! And that's probably why a lot of West Coast Fixtures clients are restaurant owners. We believe restaurants showoff our best work! What better place is there for a millwork manufacturer to showcase quality woodworking craftsmanship! We practically have a captive audience! Restaurateurs challenge us on all levels of millwork manufacturing and design! It helps We are very conscious working within their budget and schedule. We've been in the restaurant fixtures supply business long enough to know owners have a lot more than food to serve on their plate - literary each sale is only generating 5 percent profit margin. We strive to work with successful restaurateurs, and we believe we have! An excellent restaurant gets talked about consistently! [And unbeknownst to the patron when they chat about their favorite dining spot - they're talking about our work!] A patron will frequent a restaurant for three (3) reasons: Food. Price. Ambience. We love that our millwork fixtures and displays are a significant part of great architecture and interior design that generates repeat clientele!

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