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  • California & Texas Millwork Manufacturing Facilities
  • West Coast Fixtures, Inc. Millwork Manufactuer builds Checkout Stands, Chalkboard Signs, Bakery Display Tables, Custom Store Displays, and Restaurant Fixtures for Franchises and small retail stores.
  • All Bakeworks Food Displays and Retail Floor Displays  were designed and built by West Coast Fixtures, Inc. Millwork Manufacturing Facility out of Benicia, CA
  • Wood Display and Chalkboard Signs that demand attention built and manufacturered by West Coast Fixtures, Inc.
  • Restaurant Fixtures and Wood Displays for Restaurants and bars by West Coast Fixtures, Inc.
  • Specialty Display Items designed and built for your Restaurant or Bar is what West Coast Fixtures, Inc. experts manufacturer.

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  • Millwork for Restaurants and Bars, Grocery Stores, and Retail Shops build at West Coast Fixtures, Inc in Benicia, California and Texas.


West Coast Fixtures, Inc., fully automated operational Millwork shop in Benicia, CA.

Fully Automated Millwork Manufacturing for Commercial Businesses Needing Quality Store Display Fixtures

West Coast Fixtures, Inc. is a millwork manufacturer out of Benicia, California and Texas. We serve all of the United States - from Northern California, Los Angeles, Nevada, to the New England States!

At our facilities we manufacture, using "real" wood for Store Fixtures and Wood Displays for Grocery, Restaurants, and Retail. Our Clients include chain stores, franchises, and private businesses. We solve display and fixture problems involving Grocery Stores Displays, Food Displays, Retail Displays, Restaurant Fixtures; Restaurant Booths Tables, and Bar Countertop Stools, Merchandising Displays, and Business Fixtures.

Millwork Manufacturing is what we do! There is nothing our fully automated "CNC" facilities in Benicia, California [28,000 SF] and Texas [30,000 SF] cannot make for a single establishment or duplicate for multiple Restaurant franchises. Our millwork manufacturing can start with your imagination. Our expertise is in designing, building and manufacturing displays and fixtures that make our client's restuarants, and food product(s) stand-out from other businesses! West Coast Fixtures in-house design experts can start from scratch or a pre-defined concept, doesn't matter either way, the finished millwork piece(s) will look great and work for its intention(s)! Most important it will fit in the owner's planned location.

Because our backgrounds are in Retail Display and Restaurant Fixtures industry, we fully understand Retail Merchandising & Grocery Store Display. There is never enough space to display a product that's on sale! Nor is there room for both bar-stools and patrons to sit at the bar. West Coast Fixtures designers will work closely with your team within your operation to create a model that is flexible to allow improvements. We are prepared to work with a budget that doesn't affect the millwork product quality, durability, or style. We don't stamp "West Coast Fixtures, Inc.," on our Store Displays Fixtures, Custom Display Cases or Bakery Display Tables...it's the Retail Display and Restaurant Fixture itself that we answer to! Our millwork manufacturing is distinguished! Clients who we build for usually return to us because we guarantee our work! If something goes wrong with a Restaurant Booths Tables, Bar Countertops Stools, Checkstands, Checkout Counters, Merchandising Displays or specialty display item that West Coast Fixtures has built, we will repair it! It doesn't matter the location; we will either send a replacement or pay to have it shipped to either our Benicia, California or Texas facility to fix.

"We wanted to create a unique environment for our restaurant. So we used a cooper, of course, is a barrel maker, so partially finished barrels hang overhead as sophisticated light fixtures, and you see echoes of polished woodcraft throughout." Merilee McCormick, Restaurant Owner- The Cooperage, Lafayette, CA

West Coast Fixtures, Inc., is an American Manufacturer! We absolutely enjoy working with any kind of wood and creating wood displays of any shape and size, to be shipped anywhere! Both our California and Texas facilities are environmental conscious operations. Our shops mirror each other. We use wood glue, stains, sprays, and other adhesives that are led free and LEED recommended. West Coast Fixtures prides itself on using salvaged and reclaimed wood from dilapidated barns, houses, and abandon factories from all over the United States, and other countries.

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