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Fixtures manufacturered to showoff all Bake goods by West Coast Fixtures, Inc.
Showcases Custom Designed to fit in your Space
Great for Bakeries, Grocery & Sandwich Shops If a customer can't see an item in full view, most likely they won't buy it! We build fixture displays that put your products right out in front for all to see! Order Today!
Checkstands built to withstand heavy duty repeated use, by West Coast Fixtures, Inc.
Real Wood Heavy-Duty Checkstands for Retail or Grocery
Supermarkets, Outlets & Department StoresStore Clerks like our checkout stands for their counter space, bag storage, and customer conveniences. Call Us!
West Coast Fixtures designed fixtures to the look and feel or your businesses Interior!
Keeps Trash & Recyclables Separate & in Place!
Fast Food Chains & Convenient Stores Sanitary systems patrons like, plus quick accessable removable bins for workers to empty! Helps keep the restaurant spotless! E-Mail Us!
open cold case millwork designed by West Coast Fixtures, Inc.
Cold Case Units Built For Grab 'n Go Deli's and Cafeterias
Buffet Style Restaurants & General Stores Because customers often forget their drink! This keeps the line moving! Put Impulse Purchases Here! We're Fast!


Attractive, well designed fixtures can be both functional and conscious of space. We know because we have manufactured thousands of them!

First, let's get something straight...the definition of a fixture. A fixture is a piece of furniture or equipment that is meant to be permanent - [fixed in place]. Why have we told you this? The word "fixture" is important to understand because manufacturing specialty fixtures is why West Coast Fixtures, Inc., is in business! Fixtures (along with displays) are what we create! And we are experts at making them! We design and manufacturers "fixtures" for Retail, Grocery Stores, and Restaurants that are either new or existing businesses. Our specialty is designing custom fixtures that not only fit in its intended space, but blends in with the business's brand and interior design! All while complying to building codes, regulations and standards. Our objective when designing fixtures for existing stores, is to not have the fixture look as if it was haphazardly placed there!

We design and manufacture fixtures to the specifications of our client. So if the specs call for it to light up - we add electric, sockets, switches, plugs, etc.; if the fixture needs to have a small clean-up sink, we add plumbing. If it's a checkout stand, we can add an internal vault unit. Our designers pay attention to details that often the client forgets to include. We round edges off, add protective trim, [for when that run-away grocery cart gets loose!] and get this...we can even design fixtures to have a hidden security camera installed!

What makes West Coast Fixtures different from our competitors? We use only hard woods, quality hardware, and CNC Machines to produce precision made fixtures. We keep all the designs in-house to either refer to or use again when a client returns for more. This way, if needed, we can easily modify the design. We're always striving to create the best-looking fixtures out there! At competitive prices that work with the client's fixture budget!

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