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Featured Point of Sales Display Examples Manufactured By West Coast Fixtures!

Our responsibility as display designers is to Help move product off the shelve!

What can a well-designed display do for a Grocery Store, Supermarket or Retail Shop? The design can be the difference between making a profit or losing a sale!

A product display or produce display should be easy to stock and convenient for shoppers to reach the item! It's a plus if it's a portable display! It's a bonus if its racks and shelving are adjustable! It's pure luxury if the display offers rear and front loading! And lastly, it's a retailer's gift if it can serve as means for additional product (non-perishable product) storage!

West Coast Fixtures Designers knows that product and perishables that end up on the floor aren't making anyone money! And that includes us! We rely on repeat business; just like Supermarkets and Retail Stores. If our displays don't keep items in them, they're not functioning correctly! It could be the best-looking display, made of the hardest most durable wood and materials, but if items keep falling off of it, or worst breaking...It's our reputation in jeopardy! You see we believe our responsibility as display designers is fully to understand what our customer sells. Honestly, we are only as good as the displays we design and manufacturer. If the display is not capable of showing off our client's product and attracting a buyer, then we need to examine the display itself, and find a display solution.

  • What exactly is the client trying to display?
  • Is the height affecting the product's sell?
  • Is the display color aiding or hindering the product visually?
  • Is the spacing between the shelves too much or not enough?
  • Where is the display located in the store?
  • Can we solve the design problem by revisiting the client's budget?

Our Millwork Designers work closely with our customers to manufacturer displays within their budget. We want to hear that our floor displays are generating a return in profit! Better yet, we want to hear that products are selling off the shelves!

Ask yourself, Do you have Displays that sell Products?

West Coast Fixtures Builds Displays for your Product(s), not someone elses! Sturdy & Stunning Displays Sell Products!

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